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Spark is a shared community space that exists for the youth in Thessaloniki to discover their God given identity and develop dreams.


  • community worship

  • Discipleship Training Schools & other training programs

  • community games nights

  • YWAM & OM's offices

  • coffee culture

  • study spaces

  • hangout area

  • starting and hosting new ministry initiatives

  • discipleship

  • community nights

  • events-music nights, teachings, group discussions, movie nights

SPARK is our youth center ministry.
It also has the offices for YWAM & OM.
It is where we meet as a YWAM base and have our DTS lectures. It has different rooms used for different purposes.

Conveniently located within walking distance of the biggest University in the city. The main space is a big open area filled with couches, tables and chairs. This is where university students come for coffee to study, hangout, attend events and learn about God. 



The heart of Spark is creating an inviting place where young people can build meaningful relationships and discover who God created them to be and how they can impact this world!​

Image by Sebastian Dumitru


Even if you are not physically here in Thessaloniki, did you know that you can actually impact this city/nation? When you sow financially into a ministry you share in the vision and fruit of what God does.


When you partner financially with us, here are a few things that it means:

1. you share in the fruit of what comes from this ministry

2. you support the body of Christ globally in fulfilling the command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations

3. we carry the load of this ministry with partners across the world

It holds great weight to us to be supported

from people near and far. 

Thank you for considering to support this ministry as we humbly continue the work of God in Thessaloniki, the place where Paul first brought the Gospel.

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