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The Vision Of Cultivate DTS

Cultivate DTS exists to equip students to discover their unique
identity and giftings and empower them to use their passions to reach marginalized communities within urban contexts.


Who are you created to be?

 How can you use that to impact the Kingdom?

What is a DTS?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a place where you will be transformed by God in a deeper way.  It will train, disciple, and equip you to grow in your relationship with God, develop a solid biblical foundation, and serve others.  It is also a place where we will grow together, adventure together, and pursue what we are passionate about. 

The journey of discipleship with YWAM starts with the Discipleship Training School (DTS). The aim of the DTS is to better discover God's call and meaning on your life. It opens the door to further training through the University of the Nations and in ministry partnered with YWAM. The opportunities, both in YWAM and beyond, are endless!


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Lecture Phase

Lecture phase is designed to help you know God in a direct and genuine relationship with Him through experiential learning.


We will spend three months in Thessaloniki learning from different speakers through their knowledge and passion for God. Each week we will cover a different topic:

Hearing God's voice - The Character & Nature of God - Kingdom of Heaven - Relationships - Identity - Evangelism - Forgiveness - Holy Spirit - Biblical Worldview - Worship/Prayer & more

Outreach Phase

After you have completed your lecture phase you will go to an urban area in the Middle East to apply all you have learned by entering into a community of people who have little to no exposure to or engagement with the Gospel. 


We believe this is the time for us to actively respond in love for the lost. Jesus desires for all people from every nation and all languages to come to know Him, and have their lives transformed by Him.

Outreach is your chance to reach out and impact the lives of those who have never had the opportunity to know Jesus.

​Why Cities? 

Cities are, by definition,  cultural, societal, and communal hubs. The change that occurs in the urban context has drastic implications for the nation it's in.

These are the places that have communities that others tend to ignore. This is where the outcast and marginalised communities can be found.

Your Outreach could look like...

-Spreading the love of God with ostracised communities in cities and community centers by running programs and events to facilitate conversation and human dignity.

-Sipping a cup of tea with local youth and sand-boarding with them in Middle Eastern desert

-Getting to know people by hanging out in the local skate park or coffee shop

-Using a pop-up art show to communicate the gospel

-Forming community through rock climbing, surfing, skating, sports

-Busking and street performances

and so much more...

By the end of this school, our hope is that every student would know the direction God is leading them, and have an idea of the calling He has on their lives.

We desire that our students are championed, encouraged, and prepared to pursue the various passions and gifts God has given them, and are using them to share the love of Jesus.

You will be able to take what is learned during Lecture phase, and the skills acquired on Outreach, and apply them to where God is calling you next, whether that is overseas missions, your university campus, or your future career.

Dates and Prices
Worried about finances? Don't let money stop you from what God is calling you to us! We will walk with you through this process.
 Where God leads, He provides.

Dates: September 30th, 2024 - March 21st, 2025

Registration fee:  €30

Lecture Phase:  €2500-3500

Outreach Phase:  €2500 - 3000

Language: English

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