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Do you desire to grow deeper in your discipleship journey?

Do you you feel drawn to the Middle East?

YWAM Thessaloniki is committed to training and rising up the next wave of radically obedient missionaries.


This year-long program is designed for those who are adventurous and ready to commit to stepping outside their comfort zone. People who desire to grow in faith, character and a pull towards long-term missions in the Middle East. You will be prepared to serve God cross-culturally on the front lines as God’s ambassadors.


Through in-depth study & application, you will discover what it means to apply that in fully following Jesus. You will gain vision for the Middle East and the specific way God is calling you to live FULLY for Him.

We'll get back to you soon!


As you discover the Mediterranean life of Thessaloniki, Greece and respond to the refugee crisis here, you will be prepared to jump across the water into the Middle Eastern life of warm hospitality with the tools to reach the Muslim world with the Gospel.


Come join us for a year of growth and equipping that is centered around two main things



You will learn God’s heart for you and the nations

Knowing how to follow His will

Knowing your God breathed purpose

Gaining tools and knowledge to prepare you for a long-lasting ministry

Grow your confidence in sharing the Gospel

Understanding the Muslim/Middle Eastern world 





Knowing God is crucial in missions because we strive to reflect who God is. If we don’t truly know who God is, who we are and why we were created then we cannot share this with others. We must first know God before we try to help others understand Him.

The Lecture Phase

Duration: 12 weeks

Lecture phase is designed to help you know God in a direct and genuine relationship with Him through experiential learning.


We will spend three months learning from different speakers through their knowledge and passion for God. We will focus on getting to know God’s Nature and Character, how He speaks to us, and how to view the world through a Biblical context etc. We will also create an atmosphere where community is developed through times of intercession, worship, and friendship.


As we focus on the refugee situation here in Greece, we will begin your cross cultural experience from the start setting aside a weekly time of refugee ministry.

Entrance Phase

Duration: 4 weeks 

After you have completed your lecture phase you will enter into a Middle Eastern country for on the field training to prepare you and your team to begin your outreach.


Topics will include community development, and missiology centered preparation

The Outreach Phase Part 1

Duration: 8 weeks 

After you have completed your entrance phase you will go into the Middle East to apply all you have learned by entering into a community of people who have little to no exposure to the Gospel. 

You will go to different locations throughout the Middle East to prepare for your long-term return in Outreach Phase Part 2.

Outreach is your opportunity to reach out and ultimately impact the lives of those who have never heard.


Perhaps you will be distributing supplies to a large-scale refugee camp, or sipping a cup of tea with a remote people group in the desert, or teaching English in a children’s school

The goal of this outreach portion is to begin making ground connections, establishing relationships, and taking part in spirit lead ministry that leads to Gospel sharing through evangelism.


 “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”

Psalms 96:3

sarah racone.png




Now you've completed phase've stepped into a relationship with God much deeper than ever before. With a solid foundation we begin building upon this by giving you tools that will equip you for a life of missions and the tools needed to apply to Outreach Phase Part 2.

The Lecture Phase

Duration: 6 weeks

Practical application continues lecture phase. Alongside weekly lectures you will be engaging in weekly evangelism, working with refugees, and pioneering local discipleship groups.

All to equip you in growing your confidence in sharing the Gospel, practical application with the people your heart is burdened for, and experience pioneering new ministries. All of these skills are ESSENTIAL for long term missions.

The Outreach Phase Part 2

Duration: 16 weeks

Now you know who God is, you know His love and desire for all people to know this same thing. You've been equipped to make a long lasting impact on a community, grown in leadership skills and boldness sharing the Gospel, plus you have an in depth understanding of the Middle East.

For the final phase of your year of missions you will return to one of the Middle Eastern locations you established connections during Outreach Phase Part 1. Only this time you will enter with a holistic view of how to come back with a strategic understanding of how to impact that community for Christ. 

The goal is to give you a view and experience of what long term missions in the Middle East looks like, preparing you if you wish to return long term on your own or with a team. 

Perhaps God will call you to live as a full time missionary among a remote people group in the Middle East, or to work with refugees in your city. Regardless of the calling, this year of in depth growth and intimate training will launch you into whatever God puts before you. 

Dates and Prices

Worried about finances? Don't let money stop you from what God is calling you to us! We will walk with you through this process.

 Where God leads, He provides.

Dates:  AUGUST 19 2021 - AUGUST 2022

(more specific dates TBA)

Registration fee:  €30

Lecture Phase:  €5080

Outreach Phase:  €4000 - 4200

(fees will be due in separate phases throughout the year)

Language: English

Come join us for a year...get equipped, transformed & sent.

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